What are the benefits of LEYBONOL vacuum pump oils?

Uptime and reliability

High-quality oils make sure you get the best performance out of our pump and reduce wear and tear so they last longer. You can keep your mind on your production process, LEYBONOL takes care of your pum

Reduced maintenance costs

The oil’s quality determines the oil change intervals and of course, the wear and tear on your pump’s components. High-quality oil can even lower the pump’s power consumption, so you can save on your operational costs too.

Industry-leading quality standards of course

LEYBONOL is compliant with REACH, DSL and NDSL, GHS and many others. But we go beyond those standard regulations. All our oils are subject to frequent and rigorous testing to ensure each batch is consistent and provides the same outstanding vacuum performance.


*)Mineral oil

Mineral oil offers a high degree of compatibility with elastomers and resistance to hydrolysis.

Frequently also termed semi-synthetic pump oil, hydrocracked oil are produced under an extremely high hydrogen pressure at elevated temperatures and are substantially free of aromatic compounds and olefins.

These oils show:

· Higher thermal stability compared to conventional mineral vacuum pump oil.

· In most cases, extended intervals between the vacuum pump oil changes.

*)Synthetic oil – ester

Ester oil is ideally used for vacuum pump applications involving high thermal dynamics.

Some of their primary properties include:

· High temperatures

· Average elastomer compatibility

· Average hydrolysis resistance

*)Synthetic oil - Polyalphaolefin (PAO)

Polyalphaolefin oil is synthetic hydrocarbons which are paraffin-like yet contain a uniform structure. Thermal and chemical resistance is better compared to mineral oil.

They have great flowing properties when cold, meaning they are especially effective at:

· Low temperatures

· Elastomer compatibility

· Resistance against hydrolysis

*)Synthetic oil – PFPE

PFPE oil is hassle-free in case of high temperatures. PFPE oil is practically inert against all chemical and oxidizing influences and will not polymerize under the influence of high energy radiation. A few points to bear in mind:

· Reactions may take place at temperatures over approximately 150 °C (302 °F)

· Perfluoropolyether is highly stable thermally and is not flammable.

· Thermal decomposition may only take place at temperatures of over 290 °C (554 °F)

*)Diffusion pump oil 

Fluids for oil diffusion pumps must exhibit low vapor pressure at room temperature and must be able to resist thermal decomposition and oxidization to a significant extent. This means:

· The surface tension of the pump fluids must be high to reduce the creep of oil films.

· They must be chemically inert, exhibit a high flash point and evaporation heat must be low.

· The pump fluids should permit high pumping speeds over a wide range of pressures and be cost-effective.

*)Special lubricants and greases

LEYBONOL’s portfolio also holds some special lubricants that cover exceptional applications.
LEYBONOL’s greases are solid substances that reduce friction and wear, ensuring movability of components and sealing off against contaminants. Greases can also be used as anti-rust and anticorrosion agents. They can also extend the lifetime of your pump. Browse our online shop to discover all LEYBONOL’s oils, lubricants and greases. Or reach out to our vacuum service expert for advice.