1. Vietnam-Born G Plus


Samsung established its first sales subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in 2007, followed by the establishment of a smartphone production plant in the Yen Phong Industrial Complex in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam in 2008, and a smartphone production plant in Thai Nguyen Province in 2013.

And many satellite and supporting companies of SamSung have been coming and investing in Vietnam

Vietnam the world's largest production strategic base through direct interviews with the Vietnamese government and prime minister.

G Plus established a professional vacuum service in the vacuum-related field,

 which is the core of the equipment process, in 2016 in the midst of such a large flow of domestic/international in Korea.

There are Leybold Vacuum, EBARA Pump, VAT Valve and I-SAN Valve, which are working as official distributors.

There is Edwards Pump, which is in service support cooperation with the headquarters in Korea, and supports customers in Vietnam through a relationship with INFICON-SG as a dealer.

We have a close business cooperation system with a number of Samsung-related vendors, and we are striving to provide a technical support and services.

The pump is mainly for inspection and overhaul of oil sealed vane rotary, booster pump, and dry pump, and it is possible to provide overall supports including technical support such as sales and service of new products, maintenance and simulation support for vacuum systems.


2. Set-up (Organization)

3. Milestone:

4. Factory Utility


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