5 reasons why it is necessary to change the oil for the vacuum pump periodically

1. Change the vacuum pump oil periodically to prevent the machine from depositing and burning.

 Like other industrial lubricants. Vacuum pump oil also has optimum service life and life. After this time, if the oil has not been changed, it will lead to the accumulation of dirt in the oil. Leads to oil burning and affects the performance of the vacuum pump. Therefore, when the oil reaches the end of its life, the periodic time is about 500-700 hours. You need to immediately change the oil for the vacuum pump to ensure it is always working properly

2. Change vacuum pump oil to maintain cooling performance

Lack of vacuum pump oil leads to failure of Composite impeller.When oils reach a certain age, their protective properties will no longer be maintained. Especially the system cooling feature. At this time, the oil films cannot operate continuously due to plaque as well as the deterioration of the performance of the cooling additive system. So your job is to ensure the maintenance of the cooling performance of the vacuum pump oil by changing the oil periodically.


3. Damaged composite vane due to not changing the vacuum pump oil periodically.

When the vacuum pump oil is degraded, it will lead to friction between the impeller and the pump cavity. This phenomenon occurs very easily leading to damage to the Composite propeller. Thereby, causing costly in the process of machine maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the periodic oil change time to always maintain the lubricating properties of the oil.

4. The vacuum machine oil is not changed periodically resulting in noise when the machine is in operation

Without the assistance of vacuum pump oil. The corrosion process leads to the displacement of the rotor present in the vacuum pump cavity. Since then, the details of the pump cavity are friction with the flange causing noise during machine operation. Also damage the flange and rotor of the machine.


5. Failure to change the oil periodically reduces the life of the vacuum pump

Maybe you didn't notice. But vacuum pump oil plays an extremely important role in maintaining the life of the vacuum pump. The loss of function of the oil, no longer maintaining its properties. Thereby, leading to the case of reducing the life of the vacuum pump.