Vacuum coating solutions

Vacuum coating is one of the most effective ways of adding high performance layers onto surfaces of various products, thus improving value for customers. Vacuum coating is a high-tech and constantly evolving segment of the production market in which Leybold’s solutions are setting the standards.

Vacuum coatings are used in a wide variety of applications, such as:

1. Low-E glass coatings for reflecting the sun’s energy while remaining 100% transparent. Low-E coating is an energy-efficient product that helps reduce energy consumption.

2. Coatings on architectural glass for improving the aesthetic of modern skyscrapers through transparent light facades, while retaining the properties of low-E glass.

3. Wear-resistant and hard coatings for improving the use of cutting tools at high cutting speeds.

4. Functional coatings used in the production of solar panels, displays and touch screen sensors which allow modern devices to undergo constant development and quality improvement.

5. Special optical coatings for creating optical filters, lenses, reflecting surfaces and anti-reflective surfaces.

6. Decorative coatings, such as high reflective coatings for luxury finishes on parts and products.

Requirements of the vacuum coating market consistently drive Leybold to provide optimized products and customer-specific vacuum solutions, including fore vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps, vacuum controls, vacuum measurement devices and leak detection systems.

Products related to coating application


A modern cost and energy-efficient family of dry screw-type vacuum pumps with unprecedented robustness. DRYVAC can handle repeated shock-venting during load-locking in addition to high dust gas loads during the sputtering process. DRYVAC pumps represent the “next generation” of fore vacuum pumps and are already an industry standard. Their features align well with today’s market requirements, since they're designed for green, environmentally-friendly operation and offer a convenient and transparent service plan.